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5.0 rating
20th October 2020

I just wanted to say I received my Chai today and it is more delicious that I could have possibly imagined! Thank you so much for all your help and sending it out so quickly. You have a wonderful brand . I am also reading Prajna, it’s beautifully written and full of great content.


The most delicious I have ever tasted

5.0 rating
20th October 2020

I just have to thank you for my 3 lovely little bags of chai. Truly the most delicious I have ever tasted. The taste takes me straight to my week in Kerala just before lockdown and my morning karupatti coffee which was a delicious discovery for me. I’ve been trying to recreate it ever since without luck. And this morning I put your chai into my coffee and bingo! But it’s also incredibly soothing in warm milk…you know all this of course and I just wanted to thank you. Hoping to discover your Kingly Court cafe one day soon.


Utter bliss!

5.0 rating
18th October 2020

Since my first cup I’ve been a total chai lover, such a comforting blend of flavour and warmth. I absolutely adore Mira’s chai and really recommend it to warm the soul



5.0 rating
18th October 2020

All your chai dreams answered! This dreamy chai is a hug in a mug and always my favourite moment of the day. In these tough times a chai & field walk has been my saving grace.
Thank you Mira!
P.s I can’t wait to gift all my sisters the cacao chai!

April Jackson

a hug in a mug

5.0 rating
16th October 2020

just the right blend I have been looking for and always bring me joy.


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Mira created the sweet chai spice mix some years ago with her mother and grandmother when she started working with cafes in London. Chai masala is usually a blend of spices which is boiled with the tea leaves and milk.

Mira's spice mix is a blend of seven spices with coconut sugar added to it, so it's easy to make a chai, with or without tea leaves, can be stirred into coffee, sprinkled on porridges, added to bakes, yoghurts... anything you like! Just to give it a delicious touch of sweet spice.

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