About Us

The journey of our chai spice is a generational story.

Mira created her classic chai spice with her mother ‘Hema’ and grandmother ‘Bhabhi’ many years ago in their home kitchen. Today, you can use this spice blend to make your own cup of cosy chai at home or anywhere – with no fuss.

The classic recipe contains a blend of seven spices and coconut sugar, all carefully sourced ingredients and each spice with a plethora of health benefits. All the other blends are an adaptation of the classic blend.

Chai by Mira was first launched as a café in London’s bustling Kingly Court, serving a whole menu of chais, hot drinks and Ayurvedic food; after which Mira took her brand online and now supplies to cafes, restaurants and hotels internationally.

Mira is an author and entrepreneur who has also trained in Integrated Health, Ayurveda and breathwork; and hosts events, workshops retreats. Her first cookbook Saffron Soul brings together healthy Indian recipes, her second book Prajna focuses on Ayurvedic rituals and happiness, and her third book, Book of Chai, is out in April 2024.

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