Orange and Saffron Muesli

At one the yoga retreats Mira attended in South of France, she made breakfast for the group one day – and here’s the seasonal fresh muesli she soaked together the night before. Deliciously tangy and sweet from the oranges and apples with some of that walnut-nuttiness and yoghurty creaminess!

5 tbsp oats

3 tbsp yoghurt

2 apples, grated

2 oranges, squeezed

1 cup almond or any milk (can also use water)

handful broken walnuts or any nuts

1 tsp goji berries, optional

raspberries and mint leaves for garnishing


Soak everything together the night before or at least an hour before, taste and make any adjustments needed. If not sweet enough, you could add a little honey or apple juice or even sultanas or dates.