At the next and 6th session of Chai Stories, Mira Manek will be joined by Nena Foster, Natural Chef, expert fermentationist and PhD, to chat all things fermented food.

During her chef training, Nena fell in love with fermenting, and what was a hobby (or what some might call an obsession) turned into a profession and she began teaching other people how to make their own fermented food and drinks. Her passion and commitment to supporting others to learn led her to set up The Brine Club an online fermentation community and school, where Nena focuses on bringing together the science, health and practical elements of making fermented food and drinks.

Nena’s talk will briefly cover the basic principles of fermentation and the benefits for gut and overall health. She’ll also show you how to safely make your own delicious fermented food and drinks at home.

Treats and chai will, of course, be provided 🙂

Spaces are limited. You can book here.

Date: Wed, 16 October 2019
Time: 17:30 – 19:30